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Nice game. simple and clean


About time to pay for this very inspiring game. Thanks!


muy bueno



lesbische quo ooh dikkko zak

Very fun to play with friends! I appreciated being able to choose the commands 

I felt obligated to play this game... 

Best party game ever !! Thank you x1000000 !!!! We play totally drunked each times it's awesome 

Just a thing, there is a bug, an invisible wall on the right which make the game unfair. I think it's the only missing step before your game could be played in EAsport tournements xD !! 

Is this fixed yet?

Played this with some friends, this is a hilarious and fun game! XD IK as it's supposed to be.

Played for a long time and it's still funny game 

this game is better than gta v

This game is so fun to play! I loved every minute of it! :D

Sooooppper fun and sooooppper hard. Also, great music and aesthetics.


do it free 

A beautiful mini game.

good game B)

Please ad more stuff!!! This game is awesome and I play it with everyone (literally everyone, my friends, my brother, my brother's gf, lol!!!) It's so silly and easy to play, and the giraffes are one of the best parts of it ofcourse!!!

Is troll game...

Unfortunately the physics make no sense at all. If the ball is on the back of the giraffe it will always roll towards the center, so much so that it even rolls over the giraffe's head.

Otherwise it's a nice little game.


you need to make a 2018 version please me and my sister love playing this game but it definitely needs a newer version


i'm trying to play, but is kind of unfair because the right giraffe cant go to the corner so the ball falls and i cant do anything. And the left giraffe always start the match, even if the other wins the last.  




Concept is quirky but good.  The words might need to be changed from "kick" to "hit" because you aren't kicking the ball but hitting it with your head.  The computer is simple to beat by just knocking the ball horizontal more than vertical but for a prototype it is sufficient.

I got a huge laugh out of the legs and the movements of the giraffes.


This is an extremely good game


Super Game


grrrrrr wont let me play






(1 edit) (+1)

Amazing !!!Do you Like Volleyball ? No ? this is your game..


Giraffes = Aliens confirmed 10/10 game


 Why the f**k would you make us pay for your stupid games 




This is a great game! Xbox One S controller using bluetooth to pc works perfectly. One problem is that when the second player has a controller (maybe its the same for mouse when second player) they can't go to the edge of the right. They get stopped and the ball can still go behind them. Also you can push the ball through the net and also push it through the other irraffes neck or yours. Overall great game


looks fun but after i press single player, the screen stays blue. :( 

not working :(


I press play and i'm greeted with nothing but a light blue screen. Works for my friend though




Doesn't even work


really random game but I kinda like it! I would recommend putting it on I think the community there would love it! :) 


So fun for such a simple little game! I lost... but I had fun doing so! 

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