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you need to make a 2018 version please me and my sister love playing this game but it definitely needs a newer version

i'm trying to play, but is kind of unfair because the right giraffe cant go to the corner so the ball falls and i cant do anything. And the left giraffe always start the match, even if the other wins the last.  


Concept is quirky but good.  The words might need to be changed from "kick" to "hit" because you aren't kicking the ball but hitting it with your head.  The computer is simple to beat by just knocking the ball horizontal more than vertical but for a prototype it is sufficient.

I got a huge laugh out of the legs and the movements of the giraffes.

This is an extremely good game

Super Game

grrrrrr wont let me play





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Amazing !!!Do you Like Volleyball ? No ? this is your game..

Giraffes = Aliens confirmed 10/10 game


 Why the f**k would you make us pay for your stupid games 


This is a great game! Xbox One S controller using bluetooth to pc works perfectly. One problem is that when the second player has a controller (maybe its the same for mouse when second player) they can't go to the edge of the right. They get stopped and the ball can still go behind them. Also you can push the ball through the net and also push it through the other irraffes neck or yours. Overall great game

looks fun but after i press single player, the screen stays blue. :( 

not working :(

I press play and i'm greeted with nothing but a light blue screen. Works for my friend though



Doesn't even work

really random game but I kinda like it! I would recommend putting it on I think the community there would love it! :) 

So fun for such a simple little game! I lost... but I had fun doing so! 

Hey i just made a video on this with my friend, really enjoyed it, fun little game to play when you have friends round.

There are a couple of glitches if you need me to report just ask :)

There are a couple of glitches if you need me to report just ask :)

awesome game i lost every game lol 

Giraffes Volleyball Championship 2016 - Second Player


I don't know why but when ever I play two player, the arrow keys control both.

Awesome game! Very strange, but awesome! Love it!

why is it that when i play singleplayer that the screen is stuck displaying the sky and birds?this is weird.

havent played yet ;-;

Drunk GVC 2016


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so i played it for 12 minutes and i will give it a 3 star i found this in the multiplayer section but when i played i expected someone to connect with me. Also, The bots were designed for practice but how can you practice when they are way too skilled, and finally THE CONTROLS sometimes you end up pressing the wrong button and then miss the ball and it's just wierd!

so the reason i would give it a three stars cuase I don't want to give it such a bad review no one plays i just want you to fix all of the problems to make it at least satisfactory for me..


Really fun but there's just a few things that I hope you add and or remove/fix

1. Please let the player on the right go all the way to the back end remove the invisible wall

2. Please add Local/(or/and non local) Online multiplayer for local and online you could let the players host the server's

3. Add an option to make your own hats and or customs for the costumes you could draw(using pixel art) over the body of the giraffe and for the hats/masks you would draw over the head

I love to play this game it's a great time waster and really lets you get distracted while you play other games. Something i think that needs to get added would be a campaign. What you would do would be as the giraffe you go around beating every animal in the exhibit and they would increase in skill level the more you play. Then once you beat the animals in the exhibit, you would move onto the next winning against different animals and once you beat that exhibit you could play as that animal and they would have different abilities. I really hope might take my ideas into consideration for future updates or versions.

Played with my daughters and had lots of fun and laughs.

7yo's comments: It's very very very funny because you can balance the ball on your head and then send it launching away. It's also funny because you're a giraffe, and it's funny at the end bit because you can just go up and down and up and down, and it's funny because you can pretend you're an elevator! I liked every single little bit of this game. I wouldn't change anything or add anything.

6yo's comments: I would change it to four players. So we could all play it together.

I don't know why but when ever I play two player, the arrow keys control both. Any solutions?

Isnt too fun

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