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I love to play this game it's a great time waster and really lets you get distracted while you play other games. Something i think that needs to get added would be a campaign. What you would do would be as the giraffe you go around beating every animal in the exhibit and they would increase in skill level the more you play. Then once you beat the animals in the exhibit, you would move onto the next winning against different animals and once you beat that exhibit you could play as that animal and they would have different abilities. I really hope might take my ideas into consideration for future updates or versions.

Played with my daughters and had lots of fun and laughs.

7yo's comments: It's very very very funny because you can balance the ball on your head and then send it launching away. It's also funny because you're a giraffe, and it's funny at the end bit because you can just go up and down and up and down, and it's funny because you can pretend you're an elevator! I liked every single little bit of this game. I wouldn't change anything or add anything.

6yo's comments: I would change it to four players. So we could all play it together.

I don't know why but when ever I play two player, the arrow keys control both. Any solutions?

Giraffes Volleyball Championship 2016

i can't even join the game lol must be my laptop

This is an awesome game! It's a lot of fun and actually pretty hard!

Giraffe Volleyball Championship is a simple 2D physics game in which you embody a giraffe and battle it out to be the ultimate giraffe volleyball champion.

There are two ways to play the game, to play against the computer or to play against another player locally. You play on a volleyball court as a giraffe and the first to five points wins the game, you score a point by getting the ball to land on your opponent's side of the court. Here the game gives you the ability to move up, down, left and right to manoeuvre yourself around the court to block/hit the ball, you are also able to 'kick' the ball which essentially means to extend your neck quickly to hit the ball harder. Your head lags behind the body slightly so in order to hit the ball you need to plan ahead to position your head properly. The ball spawns alternatingly on each side of the court after each round.

Giraffes Volleyball Championship can only be explained as a casual challenge giraffe volleyball simulation game. It has many elements of a challenge game but is quite casual in its nature due to the fact that you're playing a giraffe, so whether you win or lose you still end up having a good time. The background music to the game has a chilled out feeling which further reinforces it being a more casual game. The sounds effects when hitting the ball or scoring a point, make the game feel very satisfying to play, the game continually rewards you for doing well. Additionally, the art style of the game is very simple and aesthetically pleasing, there are small masks/hats that the giraffes sometimes wear which is a cool little bonus that adds to the casual aspect of the game.

However, underneath this layer of casual aesthetics, there is still an aspect of challenge and competition. The way that the head moves around as it lags behind the body requires positioning to be able to position yourself correctly in order to hit the ball. Furthermore, the way that the giraffe is shaped is extremely awkward for volleyball, you find that if the ball falls behind you that it is difficult to get it back to moving forwards again as it hooks onto the back of your neck and is continually getting dragged backwards. The game always has to have a winner, it is impossible to have a tie as it is the first to five points, this encourages the competitive aspect the game even more. Therefore even though this is quite a casual game there are competitive and challenge aspects that make it feel satisfying when you do well and improve on the mechanics.

I just wanted to spend a second to mention the local multiplayer feature, so many games nowadays only have online multiplayer and local multiplayer seems to be dying out. I love the fact that this game has local multiplayer, the controls are simple and it brings another experience the ability to play this casual challenge game against your friends while they're sitting next to you. I grew up playing these fun casual competitive games against my brother and I think that it's important to consider these features.

Giraffes Volleyball Championship is a fun casual challenge game that you'll spend half your time laughing at the ridiculous moments and spend the other half of your time trying to master the controls for that sweet shot at victory. It's a game that is polished, feels good to play and knows its boundaries, I would love to see more features added onto the game but for now I'll just strive to be the ultimate giraffe volleyball champion.

Hello. Do you plan to add an online multiplayer mode?

I aure as heck hope so!

This was brilliant! and the computer was so hard! I couldn't win, i laughed so much and enjoyed the hell out of this game! great job!

Check out a hilarious lets play here!

Yo dude, love the game. We're having lots of fun with it. There's a problem for player two. The giraffe can't reach the right hand wall. It means they can't control the ball like player one.

I have this same problem on windows. I played this on a mac and don't remember having this problem. Otherwise, I love this game.

We've played this with my friend and we loved it ^-^ It is so much fun! ^-^

Here is the video x)

How do I play it?

I can download it, but I can't play it

Really enjoyed this game :D

This games looks so wacky and silly... I like it. More features coming soon huh. I suggest you do that. Gonna play it soon.

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This game was so incredibly silly, and I love it. Great job.

I did a youtube on it if anyone wants to see how badly I did...

This is so cool!

So nice and so fun !! xD


Supercute with a dash of creepy legs!

You know Giraffe Attack, right?


God damnn I loved this game ahahah had so much fun! Thank you so much I'll be sure to play future games you make ^^! Here's a funny montage video I made !

Made a video-

If I didn't score, I always defended. Time to zero, will display the draw?


Well made, but that long count down timer really slows down the flow of gameplay.

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This is so much FUN! Really well made, the AI is really impressive, and it's so goofy and fun! Excellent job!! I did a wee write-up on my blog where I curate fantastic little games like this :3

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